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About Endangered Cultures

We are all connected.

What We Do - We make funky distinctive shirts, laptop and tablet cases and bags for skateboarders. Many of our fabrics are from developing countries, made using traditional techniques. Our products are handmade in the U.S. The passion and mission of Endangered Cultures, LLC is to provide economic empowerment and a better quality of life to women in the U.S. and developing countries. The role of Endangered Cultures is to facilitate U.S. job creation in depressed areas, global connection for U.S. at risk populations and disadvantaged women artisans and crafters in U.S. and developing countries. We make products that have a story to tell and let skateboarders make a personal statement.

Our founder has traveled for years to developing countries and has always been struck by all the women making really terrific crafts with the barest of resource and tools. They do so with great ingenuity under difficult condition in everything from healthcare and living conditions to challenges of insufficient training and technology.

And yes it is true- we are all connected-- everywhere she is welcomed, everyone is generous with what little they have and everywhere there is hope.

In her travels she gathers fabric of color and creativity the equal of any part of the world and always wondered how these could be used connect us, to connect cultures.

Endangered Cultures started with a mom using wonderful, striking,vibrant, fabrics she collected in her travels to give new life and personality to worn out jeans. Teens from her son's school actually began connecting with her to talk about the "really cool pants." Then it was shirts made of funky fun fabrics -- some fabrics made here and others from developing countries. But always patterns that allowed for whimsy, and a personal statement. Then someone working in a skate shop asked her son about a shirt he was wearing-- she didn't think much of it... then she was making shirts for skateboarder friends -- And after an unsuccessful search, trying to find a laptop case to fit her personal style; from Staples, to Office Max, Office Depot , Target and bookstores in between she went right back to fabrics she'd collected and new whimsical fabrics closer to home. ---- she needed help.

Placing an ad for sewers in craigslist she got calls and emails from all around the country - some she wasn't even sure how they came to see her ad. She's connected with Americans from all walks of life. These are people with great talent in a fading craft-- personal individual sewing. Driving miles to meet them and with long phone calls she connected with unemployed and underemployed eager for the work and excited by the idea that working together we can uplift us all-- of economic empowerment and job creation at home. Because we are all connected.

Anonymous artist says it best ..