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Welcome to Endangered Cultures!

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We are all connected.

What We Do - We make funky distinctive shirts, laptop and tablet cases and bags for skateboarders. Many of our fabrics are from developing countries, made using traditional techniques. Our products are handmade in the U.S. The passion and mission of Endangered Cultures, LLC is to provide economic empowerment and a better quality of life to women in the U.S. and developing countries.

The role of Endangered Cultures is to facilitate U.S. job creation in depressed areas, global connection for U.S. at risk populations and disadvantaged women artisans and crafters in U.S. and developing countries.

We make products, employing a coop of sewers in the US from all walks of life that have a story to tell and let skateboarders make a fashion statement.

We make things that are fun to make and fun to wear. Visit us often because we are always finding new fabrics that let you express yourself -- you can look good and feel good while doing good. That' a good thing! Remember --- we are all connected.


The Folks At Endangered Cultures

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